Saturday, March 1, 2014

I just want my life back!

This week is going to be a BUSY one, and I'm hoping I get everything done ok, and maybe THEN I can reclaim my life.  Grad School is no picnic most days, but having to do a semester's worth of clinical hours in 2 months instead of 4 has had me on my toes.  It was supposed to be done by the 28th of February, but I'm extending by hopefully just one week.  I have almost 24 hours left to put in at the clinic, which doesn't sound like much until you figure in all of the other things I HAVE to do this week - like a major exam and clinical forms for the summer.  Oh and I picked up an extra shift at work (4 hours) because I thought I would be done by now.  Good times.

I set aside everything in my life for 2 months to do these clinical hours - I had done all of the stock-up shopping so I wouldn't run out of anything that wasn't perishable during this time, and so I was able to strip everything out of my life that didn't NEED to be there, for 2 months.  But now the 2 months are over, and my life is not yet back on track...the hours just keep dragging on!!!  This last week, I noticed things were starting to "break down" - I was wearing clothes out of the dryer for half the week instead of folding them and putting them away.  The house needs to be deep-cleaned desperately!  This light brush-over isn't covering it anymore.  Some areas need to be scrubbed, others could use some paint touch-up.  The yard needs to be picked up.  We are running out of supplies and I need to make a run to Costco, which ends up being a few hours because I have to go to Pocatello (52 miles one-way).  I want to start my seedlings for the garden this summer, and they need 8-12 weeks before you plant them in the ground...that's NOW.  I need to get in better shape for my sister's wedding in a month (ie...losing the extra 15 lbs that I gained last semester!).  My DVR is almost full.  And the dogs are STINKY!

A few weeks ago I had one of the dogs with me in PetSmart, and we met another Golden Retriever who was very friendly.  As I got close, I was embarrassed for the owner because her dog was STINKY.  You could smell him from 4 feet away!  I didn't want to pet him and have my hands stink with another dog's smell.  I judged her harshly in my mind even though we had a nice conversation.  Now I am that owner!  I don't dare take my dogs in public right now!  It's embarrassing!  They both need baths badly, and a nice trim would be good too.  And they are both neglected.  So sad.

Catching up on school work would also be helpful.  Time to actually learn the things that I want to remember longer than the exam.

So many things...It's really motivating me to get these hours DONE so I can reclaim my life and make it not only look better, but be functional again!!!

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