Friday, January 15, 2010

And then there were three...

I don't know how, but my sister Polly seems to get me into everything! So long story short, I had one dog (which she found for me last year), and we are happy living our lives...she's a little spoiled and a little chubby now, but we are happy. Well, somehow Polly talked me into fostering this sweet Roxie. I didn't want a black dog, so I knew I wouldn't be keeping her, but she is sweet and needed a home for a bit until she can find a permanent good home... but she is black. I didn't want a black dog.



Sadie sliding down the hill in the snow

Sadie and Roxie

So to make things easier on my dog when Roxie got adopted out to a permanent home, my roommate (last minute of course) found another lab/golden retriever mix for free and we got her (Addie). My thought is that my dog Sadie will bond with both of them, then would still have someone around who she knows and loves when Roxie left. I would keep Roxie, but I don't want a black dog because of the hair issue... am hoping to keep the dog hair all one color. :-)

Sadie and Addie (the new pup)

So now there are 3 dogs, we love them all, they all get along well and play so well together, and I am (almost) considering just adopting Roxie myself and keeping them together...

Addie Sadie and Roxie

What do you think?