Monday, January 26, 2009

Wow! Where does the time go?

Okay, a lot of you probably think I dropped off the face of the Earth. I guess I probably did for a few months and I feel bad about it. So many times I wanted to blog about a little incident, but I had to blog about something else first and never found time to do both. I am finally going to just start blogging again today, and fill in what I can when I can.

So with that said, I came back to Salt Lake around the end of August and started working here in this area again. I plan to stay at this point, with no more plans to travel-nurse at this time. It's not that Portland was bad, because Portland was wonderful and I was definitely there for a reason. It just feels right to stay home again at this point.

I also got a dog, and will update pictures as soon as I get my own computer up and working again! That's it for now!