Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bleary Eyed but Alive!

I didn't realize how long it has been since I wrote, so let me take a brief minute, in my too-tired-to-effectively-study-so-let's-write-on-my-blog state...because THAT'S a good idea!

Alabama in November was fantastic!  I passed the big exams, and I'm off and running this semester with clinical time, seeing and treating patients.  Graduate school to become a Nurse Practitioner is not easy, but someday it will be worth it!  I am learning so much, and that part I love, but the every-day reality part is tough.  Right now I have logged just over 200 hours in the clinic seeing and treating patients since the beginning of January.  That is in addition to studying and my full-time job.  I basically have a few hours Monday afternoons usually to clean house, do laundry, shopping and cooking for the week.  It would be easier if I could still live on fast food, but alas, I have had to go gluten-free for my health, which necessitates cooking at home.  My poor pups suffer the most I think, but they are hanging in there.  I am so thankful to my awesome neighbors who play with them when I can't.  I am also glad it's winter, so everyone is in hibernation mode...that helps a little.

So what have I learned?  I have learned that with faith, all things are possible when we are following the Lord's plan for us.  I have learned to take things one day at a time, to be present in the moment and do what I can, and to not think too far ahead.  I have learned that planning and discipline make almost anything possible.  I have learned that choosing priorities and living by them is the key to accomplishing anything worthwhile.  I have learned that I am a happier person when I get enough sleep, and that when I don't get enough sleep, I tend to catastrophize everything around me.  I have learned that while I feel alone and insignificant sometimes, I really do have so many people that have popped into my life and been willing to do whatever they could to help me along in my pursuits.  I have learned that this can only be a blessing from a loving God who knows me individually, and knows what I need, and blesses me with the people and places that make these things possible.  I have learned that with faith, I can do anything He asks me to do.  I don't always see the path before me, but as I walk, it somehow appears.

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